Syed Ajaz Ahmed
   My name is Syed Ajaz Ahmed, aged 65 years from Pakistan. I am a management accountant by profession, and I have worked in the corporate sector for more than 30 years. I am presently teaching as a professor of finance and accounting at the Institute of Business Management (IOBM). I am not a professional musician. I just have a flair for music, and I have been playing flutes for the last 40 years. Then, only last year, I came across a CD of pan flute music, and its unique sound attracted me. I searched websites where I could get more information about pan flutes, and was fortunate to find Mr. Douglas Bishop's website. Mr. Bishop helped me in acquiring an affordable, high-quality pan flute, a 29-tube instrument built by Sean Koreski in the USA. By following Mr. Bishop's free pan flute lessons, and with lots of practice, I have now added the pan flute to the list of flutes that I can play, but I will need more practice and time to become more proficient. You can see my progress easily by watching my YouTube videos.

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