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compiled by Douglas Bishop

Franz von Stuck (1908)

Michael Goettee (View other works by this artist).

Pan Shrine
Michael Goettee (View other works by this artist).

Pan Teaches Daphnis To Play the Panflute
Italian Marble Sculpture

Panflute on a Forest Path in Germany
Julia Barbetta (1970-1988)

Pan, die Syrinx blasend
A. Böcklin (1827-1901)

17-year-old Douglas with his Panflute
Julia Barbetta (1970-1988)

A Panflute 4 U
Danielle (2003)

Franz von Stuck (1910)

Shepherd Playing a Panflute
Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528)

Pan and Two Fauns
Salvator Rosa (1660)

Panflute Fiesta
Breeze (2003)

Etruscan Figure (4th century B.C.)

The Contest of Apollo and Pan
Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari (1654 — 1727)

Pan and Psyche
Marble Statue

Female Musicians
1720 Miniature by Levni (Abdulcelil Celebi)

La Flauta de Pan
Pablo Picasso (circa 1923) / in the collection of the Picasso Museum in Paris, France

Pan's Flute I
Carmen García Velasco (2000)

La flute de pan
Caillaud d'Angers

Statues of Pan
Renditions of Pan