David Osborn was born in 1952, in Tokyo, Japan. When he was only four years old, his father taught him how to blow on beer bottles, which gave him a natural aptitude for flutes. While in high school in Japan, David taught himself how to play jazz on the shakuhachi, a Japanese end-blown flute quite similar to the Pan Flute in many ways. Singing, guitar playing, and flute making were his other musical interests. David refined his flute making skills and learned the secrets of bamboo under the tutelage of master shakuhachi craftsman Iida Sesshu.

   David first had the opportunity to study the Pan Flute in 1976, as a graduate student in ethnomusicology at the University of Washington in Seattle. When his professor played a recording of Zamfir playing a beautiful Doina on the Pan Flute, he had ecstatic visions. When Pan Flute maestro Damian Luca came to teach at the UW on a Fulbright grant, David was one of his foremost pupils. This makes Mr. Osborn one of the first non-Romanians to play the Pan Flute. Being unable to afford a Pan Flute, Damian Luca graciously taught David how to make his own instruments. To this day, Mr. Osborn personally handcrafts all the flutes he plays from the highest quality Moso and black bamboo. It's really the only way to get an instrument exactly how you like it. David has continued to make and play the Pan Flute all throughout his adult life, in Japan, the United States, and Romania. Wherever he happens to be, he learns from whomever he can. David's first recording, a cassette entitled, Syrinx: The Soul of the Pan Flute, features him playing Debussy's famous flute solo once again on the "original instrument". A collaboration with musical maestro Richard James of San Diego resulted in his first CD, Reverie.

   An eclectic in philosophy and approach, David crossed over into Andean music, playing professionally with the group Friends of the Andes in the San Francisco Bay area. David has also played classical, pop, jazz and blues, Romanian, and Japanese music on the Pan Flute. According to him, no other ethnic instrument has a sound that's so universal and versatile. David's other interests include astrology, herbal medicine, holistic healing, and writing. An accomplished linguist, he speaks Japanese, Romanian, and Spanish fluently, as well as his native English. David welcomes all sincere comments and contacts on all the above subjects; his e-mail address is: panfluteman2000@yahoo.com.
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