Ghada Youssef was born in Alexandria, Egypt, where she studied music theory and piano in the Alexandria Conservatory. Upon completion of her musical studies, Ghada performed for seven years as a professional pianist, but became interested in playing the pan flute over the previous few years. Inspired by fellow Egyptian and panflutist Khaled Sabry, and aided by the free video lessons created by American professional panflutist Douglas Bishop, Ghada studied the pan flute autodidactically. She now performs as a panflutist for various venues and special events througout Egypt. She plays both Western and Eastern music, and has the ability to mix these two distinct worlds of music together in interesting harmony. Ghada loves to travel and perform in different parts of the world, in order to learn about other cultures and other types of music. Listen to Ghada's interpretation of "Damy Wa Demouy Wa Ebtesamy", an mp3 of a song composed by the Lebanese composer Elias Rahbany, and "Habibaty", an mp3 of a song from Ghada's performances.

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