Harold Fromer was born on August 21st, 1940 in Los Angeles, California. As a 17-year-old Harold spent a substantial amount of time in Mexico, and this association led to the development of his love affair with Latin music. For the next forty years, Harold would have a personal hunger for Latin and Andean music, collecting it whenever possible and taking up flamenco dancing in his youth. In 1997, at the Bridge Festival in Bridgeton, Indiana, Harold encountered a group of Andean musicians. "They captured my heart", says Harold today of that fateful meeting. Soon afterwards, Harold resolved to learn the pan flute as a new means of self-expression, without the benefit of any formal instruction. Through intensive study and perserverance, Harold achieved his goal in a remarkably short time. Playing his favorite pan flute (built by Manuel Chancoso), Harold Fromer's performances have included appearances at state fairs and festivals throughout the American Midwest, as well as private parties, fashion shows, and performances for foreign dignitaries. "Since beginning my studies with the pan flute", Harold says, "I have often surprised myself by my own progress, and at my age besides." Harold's newest projects are his performances for the elderly in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and retirement communities. Learn more about Harold's upcoming performances.
Harold's imagination has recently been been inspired by another flute, the Native American flute. With the help of fellow panflutist and longtime Native American flutist Douglas Bishop, Harold obtained a fine flute made of butternut wood, and built by the Vermont-based Native flute and drum craftsman Kai Mayberger. Soon afterwards, Harold visited Burlington, Vermont to study the Native American flute with Douglas Bishop, as well as further his knowledge and skill with the pan flute.

Harold Fromer and Douglas Bishop relaxing in Ri-Ra, Burlington's premiere Irish Pub.

Contact Harold Fromer at Ecuadorinka@aol.com. Learn more about the pan flute at www.panflutejedi.com.