Paul Goldheart was born in Romania in 1962, and fell in love with the Panflute at the early age of nine. "It sounded just like birds," he recalls. After seven years of intense work, passion, and dedication, he won first places in Messina, Italy, and Sibiu, Romania, at the age of sixteen. All these happened in 1978. At the age of eighteen, he graduated from the School of Arts of Targoviste Romania, where he taught Panflute for three years.

   In spite of his success, something else was missing terribly in his life which made him very uneasy. In search for happiness he found a Bible. The very first words shocked him: "What shall profit a man if he wins the whole world, but he lose his own soul?" Paul recognized Jesusí call to serve only one Master. Immediately following his conversion, Paul experienced persecution from his family, and from the authorities. He remembered Jesusí promise that hardships could be a part of his salvation.

   Because of his international fame and public influence, Paul was spared from being put in prison by the communists who wanted him quiet about preaching his new happiness in the Lord Jesus Christ to his school students, the public, and to people in the Army. In 1987, after seven years of intensifying persecution, he escaped from Romania to America. From 1988 to 1995 Paul lived in California, performing in Sacramento, and Southern California, including Hollywood, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Garden Grove (with Garden Grove Symphony Orchestra), Anaheim, Fullerton, La Habra, Pomona, Glendale, Loma Linda, Riverside, Redlands, and Palm Springs, in churches of many denominations.

   Paul and and his wife Magdalena have a full time music ministry, continuing to bless Godís people through music and testimonies. In recent years God brought freedom to Romania and other countries. They visited their hometown where they helped to open the very first SDA clinic. As a result of Godís blessing, many people have joined the church. Paul and Magdalena worked for weeks day and night translating the full Last Day message into Romanian for the Evangelistic crusade with Pastor Wess McDonald in Targoviste. Two new churches were founded as a result. The medical clinic continues to be a real blessing for poor people, and Paul continues to support this work through his music.

   At this time Paul and Magdalena and their young son Samuel live in Pennsylvania, USA.
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