Simon Bernard-Smith was born in England, in the suburbs of London, in Ashford, Middlesex County on May 3rd, 1961. Simon's first primary inspiration was the music and pan flute techniques of the Andes region of South America. Later, Simon was captivated by the traditions associated with the Romanian pan flute (nai), and particularly impressed with the distinct methodology of the panflutist Horea Crishan. Simon resolved to add the Romanian nai's performance methods to his own repertoire of pan flute skills. The result of this combination of performance styles and methods was a bold but intimate, meditative sound, with a particular emphasis on bass and contrabass scales. In the course of his career as a professional panflutist, Simon Bernard-Smith has released 18 albums of religious and easy listening music. In addition to his performances and recording projects, Simon is a former builder of pan flutes, having devoted five years of his life's work (1986-1991) to the Windwood Instruments company. During concerts and recitals, Simon plays several pan flutes, including his trademark "Albatross" pan flute (the large pan flute in the picture) which is of his own construction, and pan flutes built by the renowned Romanian atelier Ion Preda. Having switched his professional focus to live performance, Simon Bernard-Smith is currently available for public and private bookings throughout the United Kingdom.
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