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compiled by Douglas Bishop

Franz von Stuck (1908)

Michael Goettee

Pan Shrine
Michael Goettee

Pan Teaches Daphnis To Play the Panflute
Italian Marble Sculpture

Panflute on a Forest Path in Germany

Pan, die Syrinx blasend
A. Boecklin (1827-1901)

17-year-old Douglas with his Panflute

A Panflute 4 U
Danielle (2003)

Franz von Stuck (1910)

Shepherd Playing a Panflute
Albrecht Duerer (1471-1528)

Pan and Two Fauns
Salvator Rosa (1660)

Panflute Fiesta
Breeze (2003)

Etruscan Figure (4th century B.C.)

The Contest of Apollo and Pan
Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari (1654 - 1727)

Pan and Psyche
Marble Statue

Female Musicians
1720 Miniature by Levni (Abdulcelil Celebi)

La Flauta de Pan
Pablo Picasso (circa 1923) / in the collection of the Picasso Museum in Paris, France

Pan's Flute I
Carmen Garcia Velasco (2000)

La flute de pan
Caillaud d'Angers

Statues of Pan
Renditions of Pan